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Send crypto to anyone with TipLink, even if they don't have a wallet.

TipLink makes distributing digital assets as simple as clicking a link.

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How it works

How It Works: Step 0

1. Create a TipLink

It's like buying a gift card. Connect your crypto wallet of choice and create a TipLink by depositing the amount you want to send.

How It Works: Step 1

2. Share your TipLink

Copy the TipLink URL and send it to anyone, or simply show them the QR code.

How It Works: Step 2

3. That's it!

You have just sent someone crypto and they can send or use it even if they don't have a crypto wallet.*

*Psst, the TipLink is the wallet!

For Developers

TipLink API

TipLink wallets can be programmatically generated to hold tokens and NFTs at scale with our API.

TipLink API Code Snippet

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