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Download approved TipLink assets below.

TipLink Logo Variations

The full zip file includes all variations of the TipLink logo, as well as different file types (.PNG and .SVG).

Capitalization Rules:

Always capitalize the “T” and “L” in TipLink when mentioning our company name.

Main Logotype

TipLink Main Logotype


TipLink Logotype

"Powered by"

Powered by TipLink


Shadow anti-pattern

Don't add shadows

Outline anti-pattern

Don't add outlines

Similar color anti-pattern

Don't overlap with similar color

Busy background anti-pattern

Don't overlap on busy background

Claim Badge

Claim TipLink Badge

Leverage our call-to-action badge when you are including a TipLink URL on your site.


TipLink blue claim badge


TipLink white claim badge


Your Headline

Your tagline here

Rotation anti-pattern

Don't rotate the badge

Image background anti-pattern

Don't use image as background

TipLink Logo
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